Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Washed Clean

It's one of the most central truths of the Christian faith, that we've been completely forgiven and cleaned by the sacrifice of Christ; He died for our sins, our mistakes, our failings and once we repent and ask for forgiveness, they're fully washed away. We're white as snow; pure as a clean white lily. Yet how often do we forget to live in it!! We can still feel ashamed or inadequate because of where we've failed - we can keep going over the same sin in our heads and feeling guilty about it. But it's the foundation of our faith - we're saved and cleansed, we're not there any longer!! So forget about it! ((And if you're not saved yet; just get saved, then you can know that too! ;-) )) Jesus gave up His life so we didn't have to live in sin... let's make the sacrifice worth it by taking hold of the life He grants us - so we can be restored and live freed.

The past couple of days I've been able to spend completely in Church just being around the office, helping, getting stuff ready for Easter and Doody Street, and I've LOVED it. It's more than I actually need to do, but I just love hanging out there and building the Kingdom! It's good for my soul...
It does mean that I need to really sit down and do some assessment work though - I had all my assessments planned out by the work I needed to do on them every week and I've barely even started sooo that's a bit of a project for tonight! I really need to some more job applications too - as much as I'd like to be in the office all the time every week, it wouldn't be very good for my bank account...

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