Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Washed Clean

It's one of the most central truths of the Christian faith, that we've been completely forgiven and cleaned by the sacrifice of Christ; He died for our sins, our mistakes, our failings and once we repent and ask for forgiveness, they're fully washed away. We're white as snow; pure as a clean white lily. Yet how often do we forget to live in it!! We can still feel ashamed or inadequate because of where we've failed - we can keep going over the same sin in our heads and feeling guilty about it. But it's the foundation of our faith - we're saved and cleansed, we're not there any longer!! So forget about it! ((And if you're not saved yet; just get saved, then you can know that too! ;-) )) Jesus gave up His life so we didn't have to live in sin... let's make the sacrifice worth it by taking hold of the life He grants us - so we can be restored and live freed.

The past couple of days I've been able to spend completely in Church just being around the office, helping, getting stuff ready for Easter and Doody Street, and I've LOVED it. It's more than I actually need to do, but I just love hanging out there and building the Kingdom! It's good for my soul...
It does mean that I need to really sit down and do some assessment work though - I had all my assessments planned out by the work I needed to do on them every week and I've barely even started sooo that's a bit of a project for tonight! I really need to some more job applications too - as much as I'd like to be in the office all the time every week, it wouldn't be very good for my bank account...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I was thinking today about how grateful I am for this incredible home, and the people that make it home. I traveled halfway around the world 2 and a bit years ago and I can honestly say I've never felt more at home than I am when I walk into Church. I feel comfortable... completely myself. I know the people are rooting for  me; they're on my side, and they show it. It's where I go back to; it's where my 'family' is (I have a family by blood but this is my adoptive family =) ). And that's just how it's meant to be. What a glory to God the family He creates is!! It's inclusive and unconditional... this is home, this is family (cue Switchfoot 'This is home' :-P youtube/spotify it if you don't know it!), and all the praise goes back to the Father that creates it!

This week/month looks like juggling... I have a to do list at Church and a to do list for College...! The next couple of weeks look like assessment crazy... and they're always the thing that I struggle to focus on. Trying to get my mind back onto the purpose of them... to solidify what I'm learning so I can actually apply it!

But tonight is given to preparing for connect group tomorrow night... which I should really get on to :-)

All for Jesus... yes, Amy, so get to it!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Doody Time...!

2minute update: Monday: rest day after the big weekend! This was the last weekend we had 8 services at our Danks Street campus... #wow. Starting next week we split to 2 locations with 1 City campus, about a 10 minute drive from each other - Danks & Doody Streets (yep... it is a pretty awesome name...) and we're going to start recruiting like mad to have enough team for all the services. It'll start a stretch but we'll have SO much more room for everyone... and the capacity for 14 services!! Time to hit the ground running...

2min revelation: I've been thinking about how we think about God's love. I think it can be kind of a fuzzy topic. I mean, love? Who's ever been able to define love? So I was thinking about what it's like when I love someone... how do I act, or show it? ((and no, there's no special someone, just in general :-P)) So I want to spend time with them - I want to be there for them - I'm distressed when they're distressed - I think of them often... etc. All the things that humans love like I can think about God loving like - He passionately loves humanity infinitely more & loves me. I can rely on that; it's a solid ground to stand on.

Wrap-up: Easter weekend is coming up... I've kind of up until now just been thinking "there's so much to be done! What a manic time it's going to be!"... but Easter is so exciting! It's literally a time purely to worship and think on what Christ has done for us... He loved us enough that He'd do anything, so He did. He loved me too much to leave me in sin, to leave me alone. So He didn't; He sacrificed everything.

Oops, that was 8 minutes. Time to sign off...!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Some Form Of Plan

I think my last post on this was at least a year ago. Possibly two.
I get overwhelmed when I think about uploading my blog because normally my posts take about half an hour to write (and probably read!). So, plan: give myself 5 minutes to write a short post about a contained thought. Maybe then I'll be more inclined to give you something to read...!