Wednesday, 8 May 2013


5mins... here we go!

This weekend in Hillsong Kids we were talking about Jacob wrestling with God (it's in Genesis 32, if your interested). It's a huge topic, really intriguing, and so rich - and seems kind of random at first! I mean, Jacob's just camping out, going to sleep (now there is a lot more context than that, but you can look into that), then some random guy turns up and starts wrestling with him. Long story short, it turns out to be God after they've wrestled ALL NIGHT and Jacob refuses to let Him go until He's blessed Him - oh, and also been crippled for life and had his name changed to Israel - which, get this, means 'wrestled with God and with men and overcome' ((yeah, pretty deep for one word - that's more like the extension or symbolism of the name really)). What a story to pretty much birth Israel! I still haven't got my head around it completely, but awesome coincidence - yesterday in College chapel our principal actually preached out of this story, which was awesome. So, I'm still getting my head around/meditating on the idea of wrestling with God, and exactly what that looks like. But I just can't quite seem to let go of it yet. "Wrestling". Oh, and I LOVE that all that just came from talking about this story to KIDS. I can't get my head around it! (FYI, I just picked 'I won't let you go until you bless me', and focused on that. It was a bit easier ;-) )

I also had to break up at least 2 wrestling matches on Saturday and Sunday. LOL.

I've already done my 5 minutes, but quick summary: still looking for a job. Need to get better at not procrastinating job hunting. But had some amazing stories of just being looked after by God and others. I love His grace... sometimes I think God will just let the consequences of my actions take over and I kind of try to punish myself for it, but He just keeps on coming through with the rescue. Overwhelming.

Kids is awesome. This weekend was actually one of the biggest wins since I started overseeing an age group at a location, and it was the BEST feeling. So excited for what's coming... will be lots of hard work, but believing for lots of fruit. (Psalm 127:1-2)

Also on my mind right now: John 1:16 - "From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." Thinking that one through, about all the ways we're blessed, is such a perspective bringer!

That was more like 10 minutes. Oops. Actually need to get dressed and leave the house soon. Signing off...!

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