Saturday, 23 March 2013

Some Form Of Plan

I think my last post on this was at least a year ago. Possibly two.
I get overwhelmed when I think about uploading my blog because normally my posts take about half an hour to write (and probably read!). So, plan: give myself 5 minutes to write a short post about a contained thought. Maybe then I'll be more inclined to give you something to read...!

Slightly more structured plan:
2min update on life in general
2min on something I've learned recently/something that's stuck out to me
1min... whatever I want/proof-read!

Life in general - THIRD YEAR! Didn't plan to do it... have stopped planning because it keeps changing and then I have to tell people actually I'm not coming home/staying in Australia depending on who I'd be disappointing depending on the scenario...! So, no plans, until it gets to the point I have to renew a visa/buy a plane ticket (which pretty much cost the same about of money). Loving 3rd year though, loving classes (apologetics=brain meltdown=complete change of mindsets - again), loving "advanced practicum" (used to be 3rd year internship ha), got to babysit some awesome children - hoping to get a nannying job soon! #inJesusname #hatejobhunting

Recent revelation: the kids I get to serve are God's TREASURES. They are princesses, they are adored, they are absolutely loved by God. They are my treasures too - but I can never love them as much as their Father - so all I do is just to communicate how God sees them. Otherwise it's just not worth it. Gotta give them back to him; what a privilege that I get to treasure them just to show them how treasured they are by Him!

Wrap-up: I love what I do. Eyes on the goal: Whatever happens I'll be serving God's house all the days of my life, and I have God's treasures in my hand. What a responsibility...

Think that was actually more than 5 minutes but it wasn't too overwhelming. Yay!

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