About A Munchkin's Tale

So the main point of this blog is to keep everyone at home in the know about what's happening in Sydney: how it's going, what I'm up to, what my plans are for the next year/month, etc. I'm also planning to muse a bit, telling whoever's interested what I think about something, whether it's a point on Australian culture, a TV show or something I've learnt at College.

If you are a stranger reading this blog, I'm a student at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia, from the south of England. This is about my life in Sydney and what I get up to. It's not about the Wizard of Oz - I chose the name because it was amusing to me. You know, because Munchkins live in Oz, and now so do I!

I'm also a self-confessed geek, so if you count yourself among our noble ranks you might enjoy some of the things I rave about too! By that I don't mean that I'm science-y or love maths, because I'm DEFINITELY not a scientist, but I enjoy science fiction and fantasy, and am something of a gamer. If I possibly can I'd like to keep up with a few bits that I followed in the UK, but I'm yet to see if any of them are actually going to show on Australian TV!

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