Saturday, 19 May 2012

Once Upon a Time...

... on the bottom of the world where everyone walks upside down, a student wandered around Bible College, marvelling at the sights she sees.

Wandering along the balcony over the garage, she sees 2 students sitting on the railings deep in theological conversation - oblivious to the students below them who pull a ladder out of a cupboard to open another cupboard cleverly camoflagued into the wall at least 10 feet off the ground. "I love Bible College," she thinks.
She walks into the kitchen to put her dinner in the microwave (she has gotten into the habit of cooking dinners with plenty of servings so she can eat nutritiously and effortlessly for the rest of the week), where a girl is praying passionately over her friend. "I love Bible College," she thinks. Then she flinches as the microwave 'dings' rowdily two minutes later.
Looking past them into the library, she sees one friend sitting studiously at a computer. Another friend is nonchanantly treating the library like a salon, trimming that friend's hair, carefully holding all she cuts and making a neat pile on the desk next to the computer's keyboard. "... I love Bible College!" she thinks.

I like writing in third person. I also happen to be reading Terry Pratchett at the moment, which may have influenced the tone slightly. Not that it's anywhere near as good as the amazing Terry, of course, but I did want to have some fun. That's all true, by the way: that was literally the scene I walked past in the course of about 2 minutes and made me really appreciate how amazing it is where I am, both because of the silliness and the seriousness. It's such a privilege to be here around such amazing people, growing and learning so much in and through all the challenges.

We also watched the first episode of 'Once Upon a Time' this morning, me and Tiffanie, and thorougly enjoyed it. I read a couple of reviews which weren't quite as enthusiastic as we were about it...! They all had pretty valid points but on entertainment value along it was pretty darned good. Tiffanie and I were sitting there going 'Is that the evil queen?' 'Hey, that's Snow White!' 'YES, that's Prince Charming!' and the classic 'Wait, he was a woman a minute ago!!!' 'No, there's another person.' 'Oh.' Australia's behind on TV, by the way. The season's only just starting airing here but I'm aware that it's old news in the US!

Anyway I was thinking about it after, as you do, and I wasn't particularly critical of it just 'cause I enjoyed it, but I was thinking more literarily I guess. And just from that cursory viewing of the first episode it was interesting how Snow White's story, of being raised by an 'evil stepmother' the queen, is kind of being mirrored in her grandson's life as he's being raised by the same evil - well, not step-mother, but non-biological mother. I hope they play on that a bit more (though from what I've gathered from the more critical reviews I've glanced at they haven't so much!). Of course, sometimes those reviews suck. A lot of them don't like The Big Bang Theory either (also for pretty good reasons, but ignoring the fact it's just darned funny). So I'm looking forward to seeing the whole serious and ignoring the dodgy reviews because I like it so there. And it's an entertaining fantasy series that's actually a lot more wholesome than some. I don't have to shut my eyes a couple of times an episode because there's someone half-naked (or completely) on screen!!

Anyway. Life is good, pretty manic, 2 big assessments due Monday which I should be doing really (except I'm not going to do them in the evening because it would drive me nuts), nearly the end of semester ALREADY which is insane. Managing the insanity better than I have been so yay!

Oh and yaay blog post after about six months. *waves* Hi everyone! Hope you're good!!!


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Amy!

  2. Once upon the same time (ignoring time zone shenanagins!).....

    On the other side of the globe, on the continent of Europe ... the bible students father wondered that the munchkin had remembered that she actually still had her blog :-)

    And wondered also how it could be that munchkin land down-under could be so much better a continent to be in than his poor old continent, rife with imminent Euro-zone break-up, political turmoil and heaven knows what financial meltdown this lot heralds...

    Great to hear from you daughter - love you loads xxx