Saturday, 5 February 2011

Some Busking Observations

So, on Wednesday I made $11.40 (and 20 Malaysian Sen) busking for an hour and a half. Well, we actually made $22.85 (and 20 Sen and a medal from the Australian bicentennial medal collection with Captain Cook on it), but we shared it between ourselves. Considering we paid $12 each for our busking passes, and we've only done it once, there's some prospect there. But whilst busking, I made some observations:

People are LAZY. Seriously, how long does it take to grab your money out of your bag and stick a couple of coins in a case? We weren't bad to listen to. Some people enjoyed it.

Some people are lovely. The first person to give us money (though we threw a few coins into our cases just so no-one felt like the first :P) emptied his pocket into the case, and someone else did this great comical backstep to give us a $5 note. Another girl wandered a way down the road, then ran back to drop a couple of coins in and wish us a Happy Chinese New Year (year of the rabbit =) ) It did make us happy!

People can't help but peer into the case as they walk by, just to see how much money you're making. It's amusing, but rather embarrassing if you've just started and there are no coins in the case :-S

We earnt so much more if we were enjoying ourselves. We made almost all of the money in one improvisation when we were enjoying ourselves almost to the point of dancing around :-)

Busking is an awesome feeling, especially when people are enjoying your playing - you feel so free just playing on the street whatever you want. And when they're giving you money :-P

Also, if you have sat there and listened for about half an hour, please give people some money!! They've kind of earnt it if they've entertained you for any amount of time!

Anyway... what else. I've found out what my fieldwork is going to be! I'm going to be doing  kids 3 times a week lol! so just like back home :-P I'm also on "Volunteer's Cafe" in Sisterhood, which means I'm partly preparing (eesh) and selling food after Sisterhood (which is the Hillsong women's ministry) on Thursday mornings. Soo we'll see how that goes!! I imagine I'll need a little direction, but a challenge won't be a bad thing. In fact I might do a little more volunteering, just so I'm a little more well-rounded while I'm here. But it will be great to be part of the Hillsong kids' ministry too, I'm looking forward to starting! :-)
My classes are great too - my first Church and Ministry lecture was fascinating; it was about the places where Heaven and Earth intersect - once, it was purely places like the tabernacle and Solomon's Temple, but now any believe is an intersection between Heaven and Earth; it's like each of us is a portal to the spiritual realm of God. My lecturer compared it the place were Jacob met God at Bethel, when he dreamt of a ladder to heaven and then named the place the "House of God" - I believe my lecturer said it was the 'original Stargate'... Possibly not precisely scriptural!
Anyway, the battery is about to die on my laptop, so that's all for today! G'day from Australia, goodnight to Britian!


  1. "original Stargate" - not a bad parable for the si-fi generation!
    And earth intersecting heaven through believers is not a bad concept either :-) .. Not sure what a UK uni will make of a heaven-intersecting, busking munchkin from Sydney tho?!

  2. People are lazy, people are lovely ... have a third point beginning with 'l' and you'll be a preacher!