Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chish and Fips

So, college life over the past few days. Well, I'm just starting to get to the point where the days mesh into each other a little. Like, I really have to think to work out what I was doing on Monday. Monday? Monday? What happened on Monday?

I think maybe we went busking again. I think I was really lazy in the morning while Roxie went and was busy doing something - yess, abominably lazy, I was in my pyjamas until about 2 - and I think Roxie went to Starbucks to chase them up about her job, and then she got back and I got dressed and we went busking. It was fun again, but we didn't make as much as last time - about $6.50 each over two hours. If I'd written this sooner, I'd probably have some more observations :P we really just needed something new, I think I went into autopilot a bit so I just playing the same ideas over and over. Also, we went somehwere new, to Hyde Park (because the Australians just love England so much they have to steal all our names and places), and I think people were a bit stingier there :P We did get about 3 photos taken of us by various people though, which was... interesting. I mean, they got photos of Australian buskers, right? Except I'm English and she's American. So, fail.
I just found that amusing. Anyway, this is Hyde Park, from our spot. The Australian one, that is. There aren't as many squirrels here.
There's also a Canterbury here, though I haven't been there - it's the wierdest thing seing buses going to Canterbury - I'm like, hey, I could just get everyone to Canterbury and say hi, it's only half an hour down the road from Medway. There's an M2, as well. Sigh. The Americans get so confused, though, because they drive on the "wrong" side of the road here. Bless 'em.

Soo lets see, Tuesday. Tuesday was our big combined day at Hills, which was great too. We had a morning lecture with Ben Fielding (I think... :-S) who's a worship leader and songwriter here at Hillsong, and he was telling us about worship in Church which was great, just to get a solid definition of what worship is to Hillsongians (though we were just taught SO much on Tuesday that I would have to go over my notes to tell you exactly what that was :-S) and then we have Robert Ferguson again all afternoon, which was truly amazing. He was talking about communication still, and he did a section on communicating with God, or something (lol!) which was amazing - he was talking about getting closer to the cross and the huge revelations that come from that. We had about a four hour lecture with him though, altogether, with a few fairly short breaks, so I would definitely have to go over my notes with that. I do want to do that soon though, just to get my head around it properly!! So then in the evening we had two hours to get some dinner and chill, then we had the leadership vision night in Hillsong's conference centre, which is HUGE!
It's like a big theatre really, except for Church! Brian Houston was talking about, basically his vision for the Church in the coming year - they want to build another building at the Hills campus for youth and kids' work, and some of their own student accomodation for Hills Campus, because there really isn't any accomodation close by. Also, there's a second building they're trying to get a 5-year lease for on the City campus, which would be great, because it's pretty busy! Also, there's now a Hillsong Germany!! It was founded by an ex-College student too, which is so cool! I think that's so awesome. Anyway, it was great to get a bit of an overview of what's going on at Church.

Aargh, gotta be a bit faster, only got 10 minutes before the cafe closes. Soo I got in and went straight to bed because I was really tired once I'd actually got a bus back from Hills (it's about an hour from City), then skyped for a bit Wednesday morning (was great to chat to Rachael and Charlotte :) ) theeen had a meeting with my kids work specialist, I'm going to be doing midweek with her which means mostly admin stuff but maybe some external meetings too, and then 3-5s, or The Ark, on a Sunday morning and then primary age (which is the same as the English primary school, I think) in an afternoon service. So I'm definitely looking forward to that! Then on Wednesday evening we went to another flat for a meal, which was so nice, I got to know a few people I hadn't spoken to much before, and then we all went to the beach! I'll leave you with a few photos - the waves are incredible, these don't do them justice!!

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