Sunday, 9 January 2011


Ok sooo I hadn't intented to do another post again so soon. Though you might well hear that a lot, I have a definite propensity to ramble. But as I said yesterday I went to see my friend last night, Beth, who's just finished her first year at Hillsong and now I'M SO EXCITED!

I've been going a little crazy :P so yesterday I was saying that I was more nervous than excited, just cause I had NO idea what I was gonna be doing when I got there, but I was chatting to Beth and I've got a better idea how it's going to work now! Plus it turns out my apartment's going to be right around the corner from college and Church so if I don't know what I'm doing I can just run to Church or college! 

So this is my little area of Sydney below, you can see two sets of apartment blocks on Lachlan Street - I think I'll be living around there somewhere. Around that area though is City Campus, and I've circled Hillsong Church! There's also a really pretty park on the right (you can look it up on google maps yourself! this is what me and Beth did last night :-) - so I had already done it myself but she knew what she was talking about XD). Also, apparently the apartment block as a gym and a swimming pool, and you can use it as part of your rent! how cool is that?? So i'm not really a gym person, but swimming sounds good :-) Also, the sea is SO blue. It's insane :)

Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing koalas and kangaroos and apparently there's a wildlife park where they have all this stuff and a tazmanian devil! And everyone's been reminding me about more animals like wallabies and kookaburras :-) Also while I'm there I would LOVE to go to Tazmania and New Zealand but the question is whether I have any money :P I know that my home Church (New Life Community Church Gillingham) is supporting me but I don't know how much moneys I'm actually going to have yet, but I know it will be fine :-) 

So I just wanted to share with everyone how exited I got myself :P Beth's enthusiasm is infectious! A little part of me is itching to be on my way now, but I think I still need my now 11 days to prepare myself! It's really not long now though :-)

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