Saturday, 8 January 2011

And the countdown begins...

So, on Thursday it was two weeks until I fly out to Sydney to start my college course! I think it's beginning to sink in now, every now and then I catch myself getting quite excited. Then again, every now and then I'm absolutely terrified.
I'm going as far away from home as I can possibly get, of course (not that that's a comment on anyone at home :-) ) and then really playing it by ear. I don't mind going the flow too much (at the moment!) but I have absolutley no idea what I'm going to be doing a week after I get there! Everything will settle down into a rhythm of course and then it will be awesome, I am completely aware of this XD and this evening I am going to see a friend who was out there doing the same course as me so I will be able to bombard her with questions!! 

Soo this was really just my first blog post so my home page no longer says 'No blog posts' :P I foresee my blog really getting started when I get out there, though my plan is to do a couple more posts updating my preparation and stuff. My plan for this blog though is to keep everyone updated on what's going on down under, but also for my musings on Australians and their culture from the perspective of a Brit. I have a tendency to ramble, so expect me to find a fair bit to say! Also, I am just a tiny bit of a nerd, so expect a few nerdisms! 

So welcome to A Munchkin's Tale!

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  1. Hello Munchkin!

    Say 'hello' to yr fellow Brit ex-pat Ozzie traveller & her family for me please .. Enjoy your evening & CU next week

    Dad xx