Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some light-heartedness

So this is just a quick post, mostly so I can point you all towards a new page unshamedly: my new English-Australian-American Dictionary Extraordinaire!

Now, this is not to say they are different languages, or any is better or worse than another (although ours came first... whoops, there we go), but there are some amusing discrepancies, and all were amusing to us when we first discovered them, and are often still amusing and translations are recalled or worked out on the spot. All you people reading this from sunny Australia (or not so sunny right now as the case may be), or anyone with more funny and/or interesting additions to my list are more than welcome to leave me a comment and I'll add it!! I'm pretty sure there was a herb name that caused confusion when I got here... I think it was coriander? But I cannot remember what the American word was. Roxanne Martelli I need you!!!
XD anyways... I'll drop you a little update before I run off to bed, it's been a very busy week and it will be a very busy day tomorrow!!

So. This week and next week are Conference Intensives, which means everyone is manically preparing for conference and/or cleaning the Church. It often means that all those jobs that don't quite get done throughout the year are handed out amongst the students, who are used as slave labour. It's awesome. The Church basically gets a spring clean in the middle of winter and I'm hoping the cupboards will be as tidy and easy to use as they currently are for at least a few more weeks. I've got my fingers crossed for months. *nods enthusiastically thinking of the 2nd Aud cupboard*. It also means we're manically busy in kids preparing for the next few weeks, even just the weekend prep as we're not going to be around during conference to get the next weekend prepared. That's my job. Yaaay!

Ooh. On an aside (you can tell I'm tired cause my brain's not sticking on the same thought for longer than about 30 seconds... ooh unicorns!). Erm. Oh yeah. I made my first stew a few days ago. It was great. It meant I spent about $15 of next week's food budget on spices and herbs and gravy oh my! But it was delicious. And I am so far from forgetting what a blessing it is to have money in my bank account right now. If there's anything I've learnt this semester it's the feeling of having nothing else but trust for God in your pocket. And I'm believing I'm not going there again after my job trial tomorrow at a kids' club. I never did go back to that sales job - can't remember if I ever said that in a previous blog entry - but this is such a better opportunity! And with that in mind this really is going to be a ridiculously short blog entry because I should be in bed already. Good night world!! Tomorrow I'm playing with some kids and then preparing for my position as Craft Oversight in The Ark at KIDSONG WORLD!!! I think my excitement about that is a tale for another blog entry. So really and truly Good Afternoon, Good Morning, or Good Night, wherever you are in KIDSONG WOR- oh wait. That's a bit on the brain, huh? So seriously. Good night!!!

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  1. The word for "Coriander" is CILANTRO because I come from southern california and mexicans do it right. ;) We use it in salsa. Woop woop! And I will reserve full rights for stoked. To be honest, It might just be a californian thing. Not many say it around here. mahaha.

    I know God's gonna rock you with this interview! Best of luck girlie. :)