Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Geek Moment + Covenants & More!

Ok soo this was written last week, but I didn't get to upload it as my laptop ran out of battery at precisely the wrong time. But I will now be able to blog pretty much whenever as WE FINALLY HAVE INTERNET!! I have seriously never been so excited in my life :P Aaanyway...

They need to ship these to Sydney. For a decent price. And I don't care if my flatmates hate me for it, they're just hilarious. And I don't even like Star Wars that much.

Moving on from my bitterness. Hate at Air Mail. Grr.

Soo it's Saturday morning after a week that went insanely fast. Church is always great, so Sunday was awesome, despite only having two people for about 30 children in the afternoon...! it was ok though, a couple of other kids people were around so we recruited them :-) which we needed, since you need two leaders to take a child to the toilet!

They play the most random music in this cafe. I'm currently listening to the original version of Hakuna Matata! How awesome!

Ok. So on Monday we went to the Botanical gardens (Beth, Steph [both second years], Tiffany [Steph's sister], Caitlin and me), which are beautiful; I might put some photos up at some point! It also meant I got to actually see the Sydney Opera House... took me long enough! But that was cool :-) it was great just to chill for a bit on Monday afternoon, and have a little picnic with some great people :-) then the evening was completely different! Our flat went upstairs to another flat and had an awesome evening with much laughter and silliness, and it was really great to get to know a few more people!

The rest of this week has been much as I expected - I learnt what tacos are! Didn't get to taste any, as we sold them all on Thursday morning. Which is a success really! Though my addition skills leave a little to be desired, I magically got $2 from somewhere... :S

Anyway just a short update today as my bat

Aaand that was when my battery died :-)

But now for now...

I have been loving all my classes, but I think my favourite one at the moment is Old Testament Introduction (aren't I the best daughter Daddy? :) ). This week was a bit crazy (had an OT lecture today), especially since I was kind of half asleep for most of it and we did 3 books of the Bible in two hours. I got tons of notes, which I think I need to go over again and process it all!

But I wanted to tell you about last week's lecture, which was about God's covenant with Abraham. So the type of covenant that God made with Abraham is more than just an exchange of promises, it's a binding relationship; it means that whatever you ask me to do, you agree to do the same for me. Soo if we were in a covenant and I asked to borrow your jumper (or 'sweater' if you're American), I'd be agreeing to lend you mine. Soo the awesome part was that the ceremony that goes with the covenant was completed while Abraham was asleep; he only saw it through a dream. So Abraham had nothing to do with the Covenant - it was all God. Which means that though this type of covenant was an agreement between two parties, God didn't care of Abraham kept up his side of the agreement or not, God would keep up His side anyway. I think that that's awesome.

Soo that was also now reading about a week ago. I'm a tad behind. This was written today!! I think it will also be sent to everyone at NLCC :-)

I’m still loving Sydney and College – we’ve settled into a bit more of a rhythm now with amazing classes and lectures, and I’ve got a more solid role in the children’s ministry now too; I’m working with 3-5s in a Sunday morning service and 6-9/10s (primary age) in a Sunday afternoon service, and I do some of the preparation for the afternoon primary services as my ‘fieldwork’. I’m loving the kids ministry and working with such a variety of ages is definitely stretching me – I’m not used to trying to keep the attention of 50 preschool children!

Colour conference is coming up in two days! It’s Hillsong’s women’s conference, so we’ll have delegates from all over the world flying in to be part of it, though we’re still trying to get a few people from Hillsong Church itself there. I actually met a woman on the bus, who I’d been sitting next to in Church, who wasn’t registered just because she didn’t know one of the venues was so close. I’m not entirely sure where she’s been to not have known that, because they’ve been talking about it since I got here. Still, I invited her, and from the couple of times I’ve been to Colour in London it’s incredible, and it would be awesome for anyone who could get there! It was an answer to prayer itself that I got to invite her, as in one of the prayer meetings someone prayed I'd meet someone I could invite, since I haven't met a lot of non-college students or staff at all :-S I’m doing 3-5s in Colour, which is going to be draining – we have to get the bus at 7 for a call time of 8 and we won’t leave the venue until about 11.

I’m getting a little short of money now – rent plus groceries in a decidedly expensive city will do that! I’ve applied to a load of jobs though so I’m trusting God for provision! There’s lots of other students in the same position as me and no-one’s been suspended yet so I’m not panicking. Still, some prayer would be awesome.
My lectures are incredible – I had one today about prayer as a leader, and one last week about the Abrahamic covenant – I could go on about all the great lectures I’ve had and they really have the capacity to impact your life if you let them. I feel like it’s kind of swamping my brain and I need to go over them all again, or the new ones will kind of wipe out the old ones! It’s definitely empowering. I know I was determined to come home after a year but I think I might have to go the way of most of the preceding students and cave in to at least another year. If God wants me here I’ll find the fees!

It would be awesome if you could pray for my job applications and Colour over the next couple of weeks – they have two conferences, one starting on the 17th, the other on the 24th, and for me as the preschoolers will be draining! So, sorry for the manically long post, hope you didn't hate wading through it too badly and England is getting a bit warmer!!!

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